Robotics :

In the robotics curriculums, students learn science and mathematics with practical applications and how to build everything they think about it. The robotics syllabus in Matris Robotic school is considered for 24 experimental semesters. The duration of each semester consists of three months with one class per week for 1.5 hours with 10 sessions in each semester. There are step-by-step programs for building and coding approximately 110 robots across 24 levels which are explained in the syllabuses. In the final session of each semester, the students do big projects and this is a valuable opportunity for students to integrate their knowledge, collaborate effectively, showcase their skills, and learn how to work as a team member.


(ages 4_6 years)

Students make their toys, learn how to use some instruments according to the instruction, and make robot step by step. This curriculum aims to improve concentration, creativity, confidence, and imagination. Pre-basic consists of 4 levels.

(ages 6-12 years)

It is a STEM-based programme and students learn the function of each part of robot-like gears, motors, and sensors and how to use them to make different robots and learn mechanisms, and technical drawing. This curriculum aims to improve concentration, creativity, spatial visualization, teamwork, and problem-solving skill. Basic has 12 levels.

(ages 9-14 years)

Programming (ages 9-14 years):
It is based on STEM and requires prior training in basic levels for the best performance. Students build biologically inspired robots and learn how to write the code for those robots to do special tasks and use Tinker cad software to create virtual concepts of robots. They use some sensors such as light, sound, and color detection, and different motors such as DC, servo, and stepper. The purpose of the programme is to improve creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and project management. Programming consists of 8 levels.
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