Summer Camp 2024

What will happen at summer camp?

Join us this summer at Matris Robotis STEAM Camp! From building smart cities to designing soccer robots, our workshops blend robotics, coding, and creativity. Get ready for an exciting journey where you’ll create bridges, Ferris wheels, playgrounds, and even airports. Let’s innovate and have fun together! 🚀🤖🎨

Smart City :

STEAM Workshop based on Electronics and Coding.

Explore the modern cities of the world! In this workshop, blend electronics,
coding, and art to create a smart city of the future.

More details about the smart city workshop

We inspire central London, make a smart city with the tallest buildings. We combine robotics, electronics, coding, and art hand skills.

In this workshop, we will follow several purposes:
1_ Improving the creativity of students by discussing several solutions for a project
2_ Enhancing project management skills (The project is divided into small pieces and students do them step-by-step)
3_ Improving teamwork skills
4 _ Improving STEAM skills
STEAM consists of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.
Science: Learning basic physical concepts such as voltage and current.
Technology: Introducing light sensors and their application in this project.
Engineering: Learning how to make electronic circuits
Art: Designing an architectural model of a smart city.
Mathematics: Using basic mathematics concepts such as common fractions in the project.
The aim of this workshop is to get practical insight into science and technology, teamwork, troubleshooting, and project management.

London Bridge :

STEAM Workshop based on Robotics and Coding

Be inspired by the iconic London Bridge! Combine robotics, art, and coding to
create your own artistic bridge masterpiece.

Soccer Robot :

Robotics and Competition

Design, build, and program your own soccer-playing robot. Compete and learn robotics skills in an exciting team environment.

Ferris Wheel :

Robotics and Coding

Dive into science and math concepts to design and code a Ferris wheel with speed control. Learn about engineering principles in a fun and interactive way.

Playground :

Project Management based on Robotics

Embark on our playground project adventure! Join teams to tackle specialized tasks in robotics, coding, electronics, art, and project management.

Airport :

Project Management based on Robotics

Embark on a journey inspired by airports! Create and master skills in robotics, electronics, coding, and project management.

Why Join?

  1. Engaging STEAM workshops blending technology, art, and innovation.
  2. Hands-on projects inspired by real-world applications.
  3. Experienced instructors passionate about STEAM education.
  4. Build teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
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